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How the NRA Sold U.S. Out

I’ve come to expect that the name of new legislation is a contradiction to actual intent. Such is the case with HR5175, or the DISCLOSE Act, which prevents some organizations from disclosing factual details about political candidates in the period preceding an election.


Talking about anything, especially voting matters, is protected by the First Amendment. Right? Congress doesn’t think so. And if the dominating political party gets its way in the Senate, the answer will be: Wrong.

Freedom - by SIVKOFF

The VERY FIRST Amendment, Freedom of Speech, has successfully been raped by Congress and by a few powerful, complicit organizations which have been granted exemption from the act. That’s right – if an organization generates enough money (political clout), and if it agreed to withdraw from the fight in exchange for playing nicely with Congress’ agenda, it may be exempt from the act. As did the NRA. Yes, our old friend, the NRA withdrew from the fight in this assault on the very First Amendment of the United States’ Constitution. This was not an act of omission – they were in and then agreed to be out.

If the Senate Majority gets its way, when We The People want to know about a politician’s voting record or about his/her character (and I hope everyone does) before We vote, We cannot look to those whom We have chosen, for ourselves, to trust. The information must come from an “approved source”, such as one of these organizations in bed with the political class. This gives them the opportunity to select what information will be DISCLOSEd, without worrying about contradiction from a lesser, perhaps more honest group. If We can’t look to grassroots political groups for the scoop on politicians, to whom can We look? Incumbent endorsements? (We all know how that works, don’t we?) The NRA, who made this deal with the Devil?

Probably the most concerning point to this unconstitutional act is that it silences groups less likely to have been corrupted by big money and politics – and leaves all the talking to the groups that have. It’s no coincidence: Look at the current political climate. The People are angry and paying attention. For the prevailing agenda to succeed, grassroots organizations MUST be silenced. That’s what our chosen leaders are trying to do, by dismantling Freedom of Speech.

Congress cannot be trusted to uphold that which every one of them swore to protect. Can the Senate? We will find out soon enough.

Call your Senators and urge them to preserve whatever thread of trust is left.


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