Periodic Wine Recommendation

So I think I’ll make an effort to post up a new recommendation each week or so. I’m no wine snob, (so I’ll spare everybody the wine-speak) but my girlfriend and I try new stuff all the time and seek out recommendations from others. That could be you.

To be fair, here are my biases;

Red. Anything but Shiraz, and unfortunately, I’m getting there with (red) Zinfandel, which only a few years ago was my all-time favorite.

Under $15 and usually closer to $10. There are so many great bottles in this range, I won’t normally spend more unless I want something specific. On the other hand, I’ve bought several $30 and $40 bottles that only served to disappoint.

We’ve been on a Malbec kick, but we seem to be sort of shifting over to Tempranillos. Hence, this week’s choice:

Martin Codax “ERGO” Tempranillo 2007.

Martin Codax ERGO Tempranillo 2007

The bottle we shared around the campfire last week was amazing. The word euphoric comes to mind.

It was about $11 and I’ll definitely be buying more.



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Mechanically and linguistically apt, but socially inept. He likes to jump from high places. Favorite quote: "Stay thirsty my friends."
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