Hello world!

Guten Tag!

So this is my “first crack” at what I expect to become a new hobby. Although I’m new to blogging, the mental gears are turning day and night (I can’t help it!), so making it interesting should just be a matter of finding my voice and delivery style. I hope to enlist your support in developing that – constructive criticism is not only welcome but requested.

So what’s this about? A little bit of everything; health & fitness, green energy, human anatomy and physiology, recommended activities for adrenalyn junkies, foreign languages, home improvement, camping, do-it-yourself auto repair, diesel performance and economy, bio-diesel/dino-diesel, technical canyoneering, repair and maintenance of guitars, amateur gunsmithing and my personal favorite: red wine.

I aim to keep the metaphorical glass half-full, but I’ll be back by the end of the week with some specific insight on doing business with Qwest Communications. (If you’re about to start with them, you’ll want to Yahoo “Qwest sucks” – there were 1,260,034 entries as of 12:25 PM MST).



About Zig Tangent

Mechanically and linguistically apt, but socially inept. He likes to jump from high places. Favorite quote: "Stay thirsty my friends."
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One Response to Hello world!

  1. Zig Tangent says:

    seriously: ONE MILLION, 2 hundred something. Something’s up there.

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