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This Week’s Wine Recommendation

The Spaniards have seldom disappointed us with wine from Rioja and Navarra. Here’s another $10 bottle we tipped last night with some spicy pepperoni pizza. Cortijo Tinto, 2008 80% Tempranillo, 20% Garnacha, Rioja We’re camping tonight and will be making … Continue reading

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Periodic Wine Recommendation

So I think I’ll make an effort to post up a new recommendation each week or so. I’m no wine snob, (so I’ll spare everybody the wine-speak) but my girlfriend and I try new stuff all the time and seek … Continue reading

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A Week in the Desert

A week among friends in a canyon with a buttload of wine was long overdue. We had hauled ass a day early, trying to beat a very wet, late-spring storm over the passes – to no avail, but it could … Continue reading

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The Judge shook her finger…

It was my turn. I asked the man at the defendant’s podium to state his title once again: “Qwest Communications, Customer Advocate.” Scattered sniggers arose from the back of the court room. Appreciative of the support, I shot a not-very-discreet … Continue reading

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Project (Epi) Les Paul

I love stringed instruments, as much for their visual appeal and individuality as for their sound. Since their value isn’t limited to the aesthetic, I would sooner decorate my walls with any number of mandolins, banjos, guitars, cellos etc, than … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Guten Tag! So this is my “first crack” at what I expect to become a new hobby. Although I’m new to blogging, the mental gears are turning day and night (I can’t help it!), so making it interesting should just … Continue reading

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Great $10 bottle of red

Red Guitar Old Vine Tempranillo/Garnacha. I freakin’ love Spanish wines.

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